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美即面膜重新定位 势在重夺市场
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How to judge the usefulness of a mask?
"After application, the gloss and color are increased by 60% and 30%. Lin Xinrong responded that he was a research Ph.D. from the beauty mask research and development center, and worked out the whole process from the effect to the experience for the beauty mask.
According to this standard, the "fresh film force" mask has become a new starting point for us to revitalize the brand.
Fifteen years ago, relying on the sale of a single mask, the United States was a great success, laying the first place in the Chinese mask Market and becoming a company that relied heavily on a single skin care category. In 2012, the sales data showed that the sales of the masks reached HK $1 billion 353 million.
但就在2012年财报里预言“面膜将再次洗牌,对美即是巨大机会”后,品牌的表现坐上过山车:半年净利润下降75%,2015年被欧莱雅点名表示其业绩导致集团在中国的增长过低,保持多年第一的市场份额也在2016年一落千丈。根据市场咨询公司欧睿国际的数据,如今中国面膜市场份额前五名已被一叶子、百雀羚等品牌占据,不见美即的身影。2016年7月,欧莱雅董事长兼首席执行官Jean Paul Agon曾表示:“和2年前收购时相比,美即如今面对着多10倍的竞争者。”
But in the 2012 earnings forecast, "the mask will be shuffled again, and the United States will be a great opportunity". The performance of the brand is on the roller coaster: half year net profit has dropped by 75%. In 2015, L'OREAL's performance as a result of its roll call led to its growth in China too low, and the first market share for many years also plummeted in 2016. According to market consulting firm Ou Rui International, the top five market share of China's mask market has been dominated by brands such as a leaf and a hundred antelope. In July 2016, Jean Paul Agon, L'Oreal's chairman and CEO, said: "Compared with the acquisition two years ago, the United States is now facing 10 times more competitors."
After the peak slipping, the beauty of the mask market is brewing to return to its peak.
1, back to the peak of Bao Bao in Lin Rongxin's hands fresh film force mask.
This is a mask that is different from the routine use. It separates the membrane from the membrane. It requires consumers to fold them and squeeze them together.
The change comes from the change of frequency. "From 2013 to now, the permeability of mask has increased from 35% to about 45% now, and the frequency has increased from 1.3 times a week to 3.1 times a week. Consumers have changed from mask to real everyday use." one of Lin Xinrong's work is to see the changes of consumers. Consumers are more demanding on facial mask. The reason for using mask is more. "
The change of mask consumption frequency is once the key to success. When the US was founded in 2003, the mask was only a few days' special consumption items before the new couple was married. The beauty of the mask is that the frequency of the mask will be increased. It is the first to launch a single chip sale, a public pricing, a rich mask sales method, and quickly digest the mask. With the peak of Watsons to expand the market, it will also push the development of enterprises to the peak. According to the information times, in 2007, Watsons became the first sales channel of the US mask sales, contributing about 70% of sales.
However, as the consumption frequency of mask is increasing year after year, the mask has been unable to satisfy the market. Consumers buy facial masks from Watsons or hypermarket and switch to online shopping for big boxes. Nearly 100 pieces of single product combination become the burden of selection, and also lose the uniqueness when the mask market is gradually crowded.
Beauty is the way to recapture the market by introducing "subversive experience products". "Mask category is the most emphasis on consumption experience in all skin care products," explains Lin Xinrong. "Consumers use a mask for at least 15 minutes, giving them enough time to experience and observe the mask effect. "
To some extent, it is a good practice to tear off the mask which is almost the same as the wrapping paper.
In September 2017, fresh film force came on the market. When the consumer tore up the mask paper, the mask experience started. "There are also some self-Media factors." Lin Xinrong is quite proud of this work. He defines it as a jumping product. "It's innovative and competitive, and it stands out as soon as it comes out."
But membrane separation is not the initial direction. What Lin Xinrong initially wanted to do was to use seaweed fiber to make membrane cloth, and develop a mask that is light and thin and replenishing water. Seaweed fiber can carry several times its weight, and it will not overflow after absorbing the membrane solution. It will expand into a gel shape. There is a clear difference between the algal fiber on the hand and the wet mask on the market. But at that time, this material was not used in China. When algae fibers stay in the membrane liquid for a long time, they will be soaked and rotted, and then dry-wet separation is proposed as a solution.
New problems can be created. Mask shape affects every step from product to packaging. Taking the compacted texture of the separator membrane and the membrane cloth on the packaging, too thin packaging is easy to be damaged during transportation, too thick for consumers to open easily, and the process of gel coating after fiber contact liquid film is too long, which also affects the consumption experience. All these became "insurmountable obstacles at that time" in Lin Xinrong's mouth. Finally, it took a lot of manpower and spent 18 months repeatedly testing them out.
In fact, in the experience of the article, the enterprise that takes the mentality of consumers is more than just the United States. In 2016, Etude launched a milk tea sleeping mask. Its appearance resembled a tea cup. The "milk tea" and "Pearl" like gel mask in the cup had different effects, and they were fastidious in the way of use and frequency. The number of notes from the little red book shows that there is still much room for growth.



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