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三星将推可折叠智能手机 借此重振手机部门
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据美国媒体9月4日报道,三星手机部门的首席执行官DJ Koh透露,三星将在今年晚些时候公布可折叠智能手机的细节,证实此前的外界传闻。
According to US media reports on September 4, DJ Koh, chief executive of Samsung's mobile phone division, revealed that Samsung will release details of foldable smartphones later this year to confirm previous outside rumors.
DJ Koh称,三星公司开展的消费者调查显示,可折叠智能手机有市场空间。在接受采访时,Koh对折叠屏幕的工作原理守口如瓶,但透露了即将面世的智能手机的设计思路,尤其是这款手机展开后,三星如何将其与平板电脑的使用体验区分开。
According to DJ Koh, consumer surveys conducted by Samsung show that foldable smartphones have market space. In an interview, Koh kept his mouth shut about how folding screens work, but revealed the design ideas of the coming smartphone, especially how Samsung distinguished it from the experience of using tablets when the phone was launched.
"You can use most of the applications in folding mode. But to browse something, you may need to expand it. But what are the advantages of tablets? If they have the same experience as tablets, why do they buy them?"Koh said at the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin last week,"Therefore, every device, every function and every innovation should convey meaningful letters to our end customers. Interest. In this way, when end-users use it, (they think)'Wow, that's why Samsung succeeded'.
The device may sound like a traditional flip phone, which relies on hinges to connect two screens of the phone. But Samsung may concentrate on making a curved real screen. The Wall Street Journal reported in July that the upcoming foldable smartphone will use a single screen.
Koh hinted that more details of the device might be announced at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco in November, but did not say when it would go public. The CEO of the mobile phone Department admitted that although the development process was "complex", it was "near the end".
三星希望借此重振其手机部门,该部门2018年第二季度的销售量同比下降了20 %。这家韩国科技巨头在高端市场面临着苹果和华为的激烈竞争。一部折叠式手机可能会使它从竞争对手中脱颖而出,因此这款独一无二的设备可能定价更高。
Samsung hopes to revive its mobile phone division, which saw sales fall 20% in the second quarter of 2018 from a year earlier. The Korean technology giant faces fierce competition from Apple and Huawei in the high-end market. A folding mobile phone may make it stand out from its competitors, so this unique device may cost more.
Relevant reading: Samsung launched four series of SSD solid-state drives for data center
固态硬盘正在取代数据中心的硬盘驱动器,就像台式机和笔记本电脑一样,三星今天推出了四个系列数据中心固态硬盘来应对这种浪潮,它们是860 DCT,883 DCT,983 DCT和983 ZET系列,涵盖了现代数据中心的各种需求,并且提供最长5年的有限保修。
Solid-state drives are replacing hard drives in data centers. Like desktops and laptops, Samsung today launched four series of solid-state drives in data centers, 860 DCT, 883 DCT, 983 DCT and 983 ZET, which cover the needs of modern data centers and provide limited warranty for up to five years.
首先,860 DCT系列SSD与读取重型应用中的硬盘驱动器相比,旨在提供固态性能和更低的总体拥有成本。三星将860 DCT设想为内容交付网络数据中心的主力,并将其评级为每天0.2次驱动器写入(DWPD)。 860 DCT并不是真正的新产品 - 三星今年5月推出了它 - 但该公司正在重申它在这个新产品堆栈中的地位。
First, the 860 DCT series SSDs are designed to provide solid-state performance and lower overall cost of ownership compared with hard disk drives in heavy-duty applications. Samsung envisages 860 DCT as the main content delivery network data center and rated it as 0.2 drive writes per day (DWPD). 860 DCT is not a real new product - Samsung launched it in May this year - but the company is reiterating its position in the new product stack.
883 DCT是三星今天早上宣传的第二款SATA 6 Gbps固态硬盘。 883 DCT意味着比860 DCT更强大的驱动器,用于关键数据的保养和馈送。它具有860 DCT不具备的断电保护功能,并且还提供了三星称为端到端数据保护的功能。三星还表示,860 DCT旨在提供高质量的服务,并且具有多种容量。该公司将所有尺寸的883 DCT评定为0.8 DWPD。
883 DCT is Samsung's second SATA 6 Gbps solid-state drive promoted this morning. 883 DCT means a stronger driver than 860 DCT for the maintenance and feeding of critical data. It has a power failure protection function that 860 DCT does not have, and also provides what Samsung calls end-to-end data protection. Samsung also said that 860 DCT is designed to provide high-quality services, and has a variety of capacities. The company rated 883 DCT of all sizes as 0.8 DWPD.
983 DCT是三星数据中心阵容中NVMe性能的第一步。该驱动器提升了其性能平衡,有利于读取速度,即使其顺序写入性能仍远远超过三星的数据中心SATA产品。该公司建议该驱动器将是实时分析工作的理想选择。该公司将以M.2和U.2两种形式封装983 DCT驱动器,并将其评定为0.8 DWPD。
983 DCT is the first step of NVMe performance in Samsung data center lineup. The driver improves its performance balance and facilitates reading speed, even though its sequential write performance is still far superior to Samsung's data center SATA product. The company suggests that the driver would be an ideal choice for real-time analysis. The company will encapsulate 983 DCT drivers in M.2 and U.2 formats and evaluate them as 0.8 DWPD.
最后,983 ZET是一款超高端NVMe驱动器,三星将其定位为NoSQL数据库等应用程序的缓存驱动器,除了具有最高性能外,还需要大量数据存储。这款硬盘的名称,外形尺寸,低延迟V-NAND的使用以及巨大的耐用性都表明983 ZET是三星Z-SSD旗下的最新驱动器,尽管该公司没有使用该名称来参考该硬盘的媒体。
Finally, 983 ZET is a super-high-end NVMe driver. Samsung locates it as a cache driver for applications such as NoSQL database. Besides having the highest performance, it also needs a lot of data storage. The name, size, low latency V-NAND usage and great durability of the hard disk all indicate that 983 ZET is Samsung Z-SSD's latest drive, although the company does not use the name to refer to the hard disk's media.


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