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双汇发展因猪瘟闪崩 猪肉概念股集体跳水
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Shuanghui development due to flash and collapse of hog cholera
On the afternoon of Aug. 16, Shuanghui's development saw a large number of sales and a rapid decline, and as of the end of the day, the manuscript had stopped selling, with a turnover of 400 million yuan.
Shuanghui development ended in a rapid dive, with a stock price of 22.41 yuan and a turnover of nearly 600 million yuan.
Today, it is reported that the epidemic of * Zhengzhou plague has been introduced into the epidemic area. The inspection by the animal health and Epidemiology Center of China confirmed that 30 of the 260 pigs in Zhengzhou Shuanghui food limited slaughterhouse * * were transported to the market of Magi Town, Heilongjiang, Jiamusi. Since August 16, 2018, the slaughterhouse of Zhengzhou Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd. has been designated as an epidemic site for six weeks.
In the afternoon, pork concept stocks dived collectively, so far, Tianbang shares fell nearly 7%, Wen's shares fell 6.5%, Luoniushan, Zhengbang Technology, probiotic shares fell more than 5%.
In August 14th, the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs released the weekly monitoring report on pork price of lean meat type white pork for the thirty-second week in 2018. The data showed that the weekly average price index of lean white striped pork in 16 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government) was 18.69 yuan per kilogram, up 3.7% from the previous year and down 2.1% from the previous year. Domestic lean white strip pork factory prices rose, mainly because of the shortage of pig supply, price fluctuations, the formation of pork products cost support, coupled with slaughter in some areas, further driving pork prices. On the regional level, the northeast and North China narrowed year-on-year decline.
Chuan Cai Securities said that one week after the outbreak of swine fever, the northern area * slaughterhouse increased the difficulty of getting pigs. Data show that pork prices in Jilin, Heilongjiang and Liaoning rose to more than 18 yuan / kg in three places. After the outbreak, large slaughterhouses in Shenyang, Liaoning, were slaughtered, and the supply of pork was tight and prices were rising. In North China, mainly in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, pork prices this week averaged 18.35 yuan per kilogram, up 4% from a year earlier and down 2.2% from a year earlier. Among them, Beijing area only accepts * * pigs from scale farms, and the source of scattered pigs is under the control measures of the Ministry of agriculture. At the same time, the near future into the autumn festival, downstream demand may usher in a small peak, pork prices in North China have strong support.
The price of pork in the southern region rose steadily. Data show that the average weekly price of pork in East China, Sichuan and Guangdong is 18.71 yuan, 19.23 yuan and 19.70 yuan per kilogram. This round of increase is mainly due to the high winter mortality of piglets, resulting in a reduction in the number of piglets sold, tightening the supply side, and the downstream consumption does not reduce support for higher pork prices. In terms of pig prices, although African swine fever has been effectively controlled, farmers in the northern region are still panic, a large number of pigs out of the region or will make the price rise pressure, regional trend is more likely to diverge, overall, the average pig prices in the north and South tend to be flat, the overall trend of average pork prices is biased. Strong or slow.
Chuan Cai Securities said that the slaughter of listed companies will increase the price of hog *. Major pig listed companies announced July pig sales data, including Wen's shares and Muyuan shares sold 169.67 and 1.02 million pigs, an increase of 5.13% and 22.9% respectively. In July * *, the pig sales volume of the listed companies rose collectively. In the short term, the recovery of the large pig enterprises was clear. * the slaughter volume in the second half of this year is expected to maintain a certain growth rate, and the hog prices will rise or will be under pressure. In the medium and long term, the environmental protection is becoming more stringent. The bottom of the pig price in the downward cycle has been determined. On the one hand, small and medium-sized farmers have been losing money and clearing up, on the other hand, the expansion of large-scale farms has not stopped. Since July, pig prices have resumed to the cost line. In the second half of the year, large-scale farms are expected to make up the price in quantity and improve their profits. A higher share will make the company more worthy of promotion.


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