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Sweat steaming is a new way of keeping fit. It is a whole health hall. Sweat steaming hall usually ranges from 3 square meters to 100 square meters. If you are too small, you can only sit one person. If you are too big, you can sit or lie down for about 70 people. The average temperature of the steam room is 38-42 degrees Celsius.
Sweat steaming is a leisure project, is a kind of hyperthermia, a long history, deeply loved by the people, is a major feature of South Korea. Korean sweat steaming is the heating of yellow mud and various stones, people or sit or lie down, used to drive the wind, dispel cold, warm the body and blood, warm the skin and beautiful, ancient aristocrats or Royal privileges, cultural origins. With the popularity of Korean culture, sweat steaming has followed Korean dramas, clothing, makeup, beauty technology into China and in a few short years quickly recognized and accepted by the Chinese people, and gradually become a popular way of leisure and health care.
The best time to sweat
About the best time to sweat, there are two aspects, one is the best time of the season, there is also a day when the best time to sweat.
1, from the season: winter is the best time to sweat.
(1) sweat steaming is better in winter.
Because of the low temperature in winter, the heat dissipation after human activity is relatively fast. Therefore, the same exercise, the same amount of exercise, if carried out in winter, its energy consumption will be greater than other seasons.
Of course, if winter sweat is combined with weight loss bath salts and massage, the weight loss effect will be even more frequent.
(2) sweating in winter is more beautiful and beautiful.
Winter skin is relatively dry, and less sweat, slow metabolism, toxins in the body can not be discharged. And sweat steaming can promote sweating, accelerate the metabolism of the body, discharge toxins, make the skin more elastic, more vitality, delay skin aging.
In addition, after sweating, the skin of Mao Kongzheng is in an open state, and the water loss is more. If the sweat is applied to the mask such as moisturizing and moisturizing, it can make the open pores absorb the effective ingredients of the mask more quickly, so that the effect of beautifying and beautifying the skin is doubled.
(3) sweating in winter to relax more.
In autumn and winter, no matter whether the weather is dry, people will become bored. At this time to sweat more words, the release of anion sweat room can improve the microcirculation of the skin, and anion sweat can be energetic, full of energy at work; anion sweat to eliminate fatigue, help sleep, but also out of the heart of the unhappy, make people relaxed.
2, from a day's time: the best time for steaming is before day or at nine p.m.
If you consider the best time to perspire on a particular day, it is best to choose to perspire during the day or before 9 p.m., more than 9 p.m. perspiration will seriously affect the quality of sleep. The specific reasons are as follows:
(1) Sweat steaming can make cells active, so that the human body is in an exciting stage, so too late sweat steaming will not be conducive to sleep rest.
(2) Because of the need to drink more water when sweating, too late will lead to the night, plus sweating time should also be about half an hour, and then clean up, it will take an hour, which will also affect the sleep time.
When is the best way to steamed sweat?
1, women in the physiological period should not sweat.
Sweat steaming after menstruation can also alleviate dysmenorrhea, but don't do sweat steaming when menstruation comes. Because sweat steaming will speed up the flow of blood in their own bodies, if the time to sweat steaming will speed up their own blood, which will increase their menstrual volume, resulting in their own menstrual bleeding serious phenomenon.
In addition, during menstrual period, female immunity is reduced, and it is easy to catch cold after sweating.
2, fasting or not immediately after meals.
Do not sweat on an empty stomach or during a full meal, preferably after half an hour of full food. Because sweat and steaming consume more energy, fasting is prone to syncope, and just satiated should not immediately sweat and steaming, otherwise it will speed up the burden of gastrointestinal digestion.
3. After drinking, it is not advisable to sweat immediately.
After drinking, the pulse rate and blood pressure will increase as a result of sympathetic stimulation. At this point in the sweat room, sauna and other warm places, will reduce the ability to relax blood vessels, blood pressure and pulse regulation will also decline, so that the sustained state of rapid pulse and hypertension will make the burden on the heart growing. Therefore, it is best to wake up and sweat again.
4, diseases or physical discomfort is not suitable for sweating.
Sweat steaming is a relatively energy-consuming project, so the best way to sweat steaming is to be in a better state of the body, any illness or discomfort do not recommend to sweat steaming, in order to avoid syncope. In particular, people with high blood pressure and heart disease should eliminate the sweat steaming room.
The best time for steaming in dog days is:
Don't be on an empty stomach or when you just have enough time to eat. It's best to eat after half an hour. Ordinary business hours are in the afternoon or evening time, their own time, if you like quiet, you can choose to go around 4,5 p.m. to meet fewer people.
The weather is hot, but the body and mind is comfortable incomparably from traditional Chinese medicine, sweat steaming can supplement the body's vital energy, because only sufficient vital energy can be achieved in summer not afraid of heat, do not like to blow cold air, air conditioning, cold drinks and so on. In a word, the expression of abundant vitality is that positive energy is very strong, which is the real health characteristic, and is the strong energy field and sense of stability displayed by physical and mental health and tranquility. This feeling is beyond any treatment, conditioning, health care, supplements, etc.
Attention to sweat steaming in dog days:
1. Pay attention to selecting time.


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