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霍启刚抱儿子买餐 所在的霍英东集团曾斥资1亿元建俱乐部
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In July 13th, Hongkong, Kenneth Fok took his eldest son, Huo Zhong Xi, to McDonald's for takeaway. Although Kenneth Fok was wearing a suit, he had no airs for a bossy president.
He lined up with his son to order meals, and he picked up his son for takeaway at the window.
Netizen Zun: inexplicably felt a little sprouting.
Huo Qigang's Huo Yingdong Group has invested 100 million yuan (excluding land expropriation fees) to build the first internationalized Inner Lake Yacht Club in Hunan Province in Songya Lake, Changsha County.
It is learnt that if the project goes well, the Pine Lake Yacht Club will open in 2014.
规划 2015年底前建50个泊位码头 买3艘豪华游艇
Planning to build 50 berths and 3 luxury yachts by the end of 2015
Hong Kong investment in Hunan has gradually turned to high-end services, while yacht entertainment industry has huge market potential. The Songya Lake Yacht Club project is listed in the list of projects to be signed by the Green Hunan (Hong Kong) Economic and Trade Promotion Conference in 2012, and the direct investor of the project is Huo Yingdong Group.
A year ago, Huo Yingdong Group and the government of Nansha District of Guangzhou invested 3 billion yuan to build the Guangzhou Nansha Yacht Fair. "The Nansha Yacht Club pilot project in Guangdong was very successful, so they began to promote it to Hunan and other places. Five or six points in Changshabu and Songya Lake Yacht Club in Changsha County were set up." A staff member of Changsha County Pine Lake Authority introduced.
It is understood that the project of Songya Lake Yacht Club has a total investment of about 100 million yuan (excluding land requisition fee) and a construction land of about 30 mu. It will be planned and designed in accordance with the top international standards. It will have professional facilities and services such as yacht entertainment celebration, yacht technical maintenance, refueling, driving training and leasing. Coincidentally, the "Yacht Club Club" project is also the focus of the Green Hunan (Hong Kong) Economic and Trade Promotion Conference in 2012. The project is located about 15 kilometers upstream of the Changsha Comprehensive Hub Project on the Xiangjiang River, and the total investment is estimated to be 2 billion yuan.
"Before Changsha, some people engaged in yacht clubs in private." "Songya Lake Yacht Club will be Hunan's internationalized Inner Lake Yacht Club," said Yu Yi, deputy director of the project office of Changsha Business Bureau.
According to the "Songya Lake Yacht Fair Project Investment Plan" compiled by Hunan Fang Guang Investment Management Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of Nansha Yacht Fair, the project of Songya Lake Yacht Fair was officially launched at the end of 2012. Before the end of 2013, the first yacht exhibition of Hunan was held at Songya Lake Yacht Fair. Before the end of 2015, Build 50 water berth wharf to purchase 3 luxury yachts.
收入 会费在50万元以内 项目盈利需约10年
It takes about 10 years for the project to earn a profit within 500 thousand yuan.
Known as "business opportunities floating on the golden waterway". Has the yacht economy matured in Changsha's consumer environment? What logic lies behind this investment? One rule is that GDP and consumer environment determine the consumption capacity of a city. The data show that Changsha's GDP reached 56.9 billion yuan in 2011, which has surpassed the critical point of rapid yacht growth, which has become the basic condition for Hong Kong investment in Changsha Yacht Club.
Another reason is that in April 2011, Huo Qishan, Vice President of Huo Yingdong Group and President of Nansha Yacht Club of Guangzhou, came to Changsha on a special trip. The leaders of Hunan Province put forward the idea of developing yacht clubs in Changsha City. Hunan is running the urban construction plan of "turning Xiangjiang River into Oriental Rhine River", and Changsha Comprehensive Hub Project of Xiangjiang River will be launched. The water level of Xiangjiang River has been stable for a long time. Hunan yacht manufacturers have also entered the international market. All kinds of signs show that Hunan has the foundation for the development of yacht clubs and welcome investment. As a result, the "luxury yacht club" project has accelerated the process of entering Hunan.
Hunan Fangguang Investment Management Co., Ltd. has made a feasibility study on the Songya Lake Yacht Club project. It is believed that the yacht club industry can be developed in Changsha first and gradually to Yueyang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Hengyang and other cities. After seeing the report, Huo Qishan approved the project. Yang Zhou, project director of Nansha Yacht Club, introduced that the consumer group of Songya Lake Yacht Club was the top 50 tax-paying enterprises in Changsha County, foreign guests during Changsha County's working period and important tax-paying enterprises in Changsha City, etc. "The membership fee of Hunan Yacht Club was initially set at less than 500,000 yuan."
As for the expected revenue of the yacht club project, the short-term is not optimistic. "Yacht clubs invest heavily and charge relatively high fees, and there will be fewer people coming to play at first. They will definitely lose money in the first five years of investment." "We are optimistic about the future of the yacht industry in Changsha. The bar and entertainment life in Changsha is relatively rich, and the yacht entertainment project is indispensable," Yang Zhou said. At present, yacht clubs in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Dalian, Shanghai and other cities are very common.
At the same time, a report on the construction project of Songya Lake Yacht Club mentions that after the completion of the project, the income of the first year is expected to be 34.5 million. However, due to the large investment in the early stage of the project, the small berth and the semi-mature sales and operation environment, the return period of the project is relatively long, and the project enters the profitable period. It will take about 10 years.


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