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美国科技股大跌 纳斯达克指数连续三个交易日下挫
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The Nasdaq index has fallen for three consecutive trading days since Monday's opening, hitting a new low since July 5, as U.S. technology stocks tumbled. The S & P 500 index and the Dow Jones index both fell as a result of the drag on the NASDAQ.
On Monday, Facebook and Netflix fell by more than 4% and 5% respectively. Amazon and Google also fell by more than 2%, while apple fell 1%. The FAANG alliance formed by the above five technology companies is regarded as the "Pearl of the crown" of Wall Street. But in the past three trading days, the market capitalisation of the five companies has evaporated a total of $245 billion, falling more than 10% from June's high and entering a correction period.
Shares of Facebook and Netflix have now fallen back into a correction period after disappointing earnings. Facebook wiped out all this year's gains, falling more than 3%, while Netflix is still up 75% this year. However, some analysts predict that US technology stocks may suffer a big crash, and FAANG shares will fall further by 30% to 40%.
Analysts worry that the growth of social media Internet companies'users is facing a bottleneck, which may also lead to the FAANG alliance accelerating toward fragmentation. After the worst decline in Facebook's history last week, social media Twitter's earnings were less than expected, with Twitter predicting millions of monthly subscribers could fall in the third quarter from the second. This led to a drop of more than 20% on Twitter's stock price last Friday and a further decline of more than 7% on Monday.
不过也有市场人士持不同态度,他们认为科技股目前的回调只是暂时的,很快会收复失地,因此现在是买入的好时机。投行Lazard金融咨询部董事总经理Dennis Berman在CNBC节目中公开表示:“现在的问题是,人们是否会在这些社交平台上花更多的时间?答案是肯定的,因为碎片化的时间越来越多。”
But there are also market participants who hold different attitudes, they believe that the current recovery of technology stocks is only temporary, will soon recover lost land, so this is a good time to buy. Dennis Berman, managing director of Lazard Financial Consulting, an investment bank, said publicly on CNBC: "The question is, will people spend more time on these social platforms? The answer is yes, because fragmentation is taking longer and longer."
In response to this round of market callbacks, Deng Zhijian, director of wealth management strategy at Star Show Bank (China), told First Financial Reporter: "First of all, profit is over, the entire technology industry has risen sharply this year, part of the end is normal. Second, some investment banks' expectations are too high, resulting in less than expected earnings. In fact, from the point of view of the profits of technology stocks, the industry as a whole has maintained profit growth, and the growth rate is obvious, so the fundamentals have not changed. However, failure to comply with expectations has provided sufficient reasons for making profits and shorting profits. So, as long as profits exist, this decline is not a long-term trend.
This week, U.S. stocks will welcome apple and Tesla's earnings. Apple, the largest company with the largest market value in the world, is expected to take the lead in entering the trillions of market capitalization clubs. Apple shares have risen more than 12% this year. Investors are already paying more attention to Apple's earnings than just growth in iPhone sales. Apple's earnings report will be announced on Tuesday after local time.
研究机构Canalys分析师贾沫对记者:“iPhone X的营收值得期待,也会决定苹果能否达到自2015年以来最强的季度收入。其次,服务业务的增速在以往一直有非常亮眼的表现,苹果能否维持在这个业务的高速增长对其未来的估值也至关重要。”根据Canalys此前发布的报告,苹果手表也增长强劲,增速达到30%,贾沫表示,这在一定程度上预示,除了手机业务面临一定出货量上的挑战、以及MAC业务总体的稳定,苹果其它主营业务的营收都会有一定程度的增长。
Jia Mo, an analyst at Canalys, a research firm, told reporters: "The revenue of the iPhone X is expected and will determine whether Apple can achieve its strongest quarterly revenue since 2015. Second, the growth of the service sector has been very impressive in the past, and whether Apple can sustain its rapid growth in this business is also crucial to its future valuation. According to Canalys's previous report, Apple's watches also grew strongly, at a 30% growth rate, which Mr. Jia said, to some extent, foreshadowed a certain amount of revenue growth in all of Apple's major businesses, in addition to the challenges facing the mobile phone business and the overall stability of the MAC business.
However, most market participants do not have high expectations for Apple's second quarter earnings. Traditionally, the second quarter is usually Apple's off-season, and as Apple's heaviest releases each year are reserved for the autumn launch in September, more users are on the sidelines in the second quarter, which will directly affect Apple's revenue and hardware sales such as the iPhone. The market will look forward to Cook's outlook for the third quarter and the implications for the next generation of iPhone.
Tesla's share price has fallen steadily this year as a result of production challenges, falling more than 7% this year and nearly 16% in the past month. UBS's latest forecast shows that Tesla's share price still has 30% room to fall, given that there must be financing demand within a year. Tesla will announce its earnings on Wednesday, local time. Tesla expanded rapidly to 3% after opening Monday.
Just before the announcement of Tesla's financial results, foreign media reported that Tesla was in contact with the German and Dutch governments to build the first super factory in Europe. Tesla did not respond to this reporter.
In June, Musk announced that Twitter was openly interested in the German-French border near Hopelu, an ideal location for a geographically advantageous super factory. Tesla now has an engineering department in Pruem, Germany, about 30 kilometers from Belgium and only 100 kilometers from the German-French border. Last month, Tesla announced that it would build a production base in Shanghai.
目前,特斯拉正在为实现Model 3量产进行冲刺,并且努力达到第三季度开始盈利的目标。这也令其第二季度财报更受市场关注。
Tesla is now sprinting to achieve Model 3 production and is trying to reach its third-quarter profit target. This also makes its second quarter earnings report more market concern.



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